V4 Bungee Trampoline

V4 Bungee Trampoline

Our G2G Ultimate 4 Station Jumper will be the hit of your event, we promise! Kids and Adults are able to strap into a harness similar to a rock climbing harness and are attached to 2 20′ poles by flexible bungee cords. You start off jumping on a trampoline but the harder you jump the higher the bungee cords pull you up. You can do flips or just jump straight up and down!

Image show is of one side of the jumper. The other side has 2 additional jumping positions.

Starting at $1000
Ages: 6 +
Space requirements: 40′ x 40′
Staffing requirements: 4

For indoor use we need a garage door with at least a 12′ clearance. The ceiling height where it will be set up needs to be a minimum of 25′ high.

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